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  May 24, 2011   --    0100   --    JohnBush   --

Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.

  May 8, 2011   --    17:37:31   --    Ramees   --   

hmmm its great keep it up. may God bless u n be with u.

  May 2, 2011   --    13:14:40   --    Sohail John   --

I am first time visitor of this radio service ::it is absolutely fantastic and giver of spiritual freshness to soul of those who carry heavy loads::having listened, i have concluded this website good very interesting::i am first time how visit want to join bible lectures to yes::help me to join and ::I am pastor sohail john from karachi sindhp pakistan::je masiha ki to all my friends salam gi::very well wish blessing to you pastor and evangelists who are doing great service to christian I pray that you all be blessed and continue this work::

  April 27, 2011   --    19:49:58   --    Eric and Bunnie   --

Your ministry is great source of blessing to us . We like Zaboors and also old songs.::

  March 29, 2011   --    1022   --    Khashif Meer   --   

Well appreciated its a nice work God Bless

  March 20, 2011   --    1659   --    Pastor Asif M Sadiq   --

Matt. 5:16, "LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE BEFORE OTHERS" Is what truly Hamdosana is doing.::APPRECIATED.

  March 18, 2011   --    0715   --    Asher   --   

i am so happy to visit your website. it is so helpful for me.

  March 8, 2011   --    1340   --    Nazia   --

I like very much Hamdosana.i really like all the songs and verses.

  February 11, 2011   --    1542   --    monica andrew   --    fmandrew@hotmail,com

greeting to all team of Hamdosana ::i am love this radio service its on 24 hours in my home .this is bless full to all people all nations .

  February 6, 2011   --    0822   --    Mehnaz Gill   --   

Hi Just want to ask you ,why Hammad Baily songs from Uk is not on your list, He is amazing gospel singer of this time. You should upload his songs.:: many thanks

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