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  May 4, 2010   --    02:19:29   --    Aftab   --

Very niece .......... Every thing is perfect about hamdosana.....May God Always Bless you all

  April 28, 2010   --    08:18:59   --    Mr.& Mrs. Zafar Imdad   --

Lord! bless the entire team

  April 26, 2010   --    13:52:15   --    Ghazala Grace Webb   --

Thank you so much for playing those beautiful songs for me! May the Lord bring even more blessings over this station...all your teams...and this mininstry avenue!

  April 11, 2010   --    00:13:58   --    Amer Zareen   --    harvestor2009

Hi Dear Miss Jo,::Nice to hear your voice on sunday morning. Song slection is almost best. Try to present sometime online programe. I am regular listener of Hamdosana and always pray for both Hamdosana radio and all the team behind it. I like Ejaz Qaisar's song Hum kaisy saleeb ki baat karien.... play whenever you read my comments in ur programme.::::All the best in Christ.::::::::

  April 7, 2010   --    09:06:50   --    Nasir Taj   --

God bless this radio

  April 6, 2010   --    10:17:38   --    Shirley Anjum   --

Very nice channel your team is running for masihi community ,:: GOD bless you all, and give you more n more successes.:::: AAMIN:::: BEST REGARDS.::::SHIRLEY

  March 29, 2010   --    05:30:07   --    Sybel   --

i love the song aye ruh-e-pak utar aa, i think its by ghulam masih.::very nice song love it::

  March 16, 2010   --    05:49:32   --    Rev Rafaqat Sadiq   --

i am see you web site and i am great to appreciated for your services and on line radio for all christian community to receive for hamdosana.::and also thanks for your all members and very respectful team this this great couse.::::thanks and regards::::rev rafaqatsadiq::from ::Pakistan

  March 12, 2010   --    17:58:50   --    Lola Ridner   --

Impressed.God bless you.

  March 12, 2010   --    22:22:01   --    Amer   --

It is a nice and blessed work you people doing. Some technical errors there I observed i.e. when item starts ur players shows the image of artist who performed earlier. Correct it .::::::\Take care.

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