We invite you to attend our church service every Sunday at 4pm, St Matthews Church Centre, Walsall. We are a multilingual congregation that speak Urdu, Punjabi and English in worship and are lead by Pastor Fiaz Samuel.

The congregation first began in 2004, in hopes of St Matthew’s making Christ known to all.

We encourage you to take part in our church projects:

24 Hours Prayer Chain
Contact us and we will give you a time slot (between Saturday 9am to Sunday 9am every last weekend, every month) where you can give your time to the Lord and pray for an hour out of your day. This project started up to encourage everyone to pray.

Bible Reading Plan
To encourage others to read the bible, we launched a project in which participants try to read and finish the bible in a year – form January 1st to December 31st. Those who finish and complete the bible are awarded with a certificate in a special church service.
Christmas Service at 12 MD following in fellowship Meal & Variety Program
New Year Service at 4pm following with Tea & Coffee
St Matthew’s Close Walsall WS1 3DG Tel (44) 07460682382